Tamanna – Norway

Where are you from?

Why do you like being a national youth panelist?
Because I want to represent my country in the best way possible and to share my thoughts with other youths from the around the world!

What is your favourite pastime activity?
I love dancing and music! Dancing is my biggest passion, but I also play an Indian instrument, called sitar.

Twitter or Facebook?

What do you hope to get out of the Pan-EU Youth panel?
I hope that I will learn more about internet safety and have a great experience! I am also hoping that I will have a great time with the other youths.

A day without your computer or a day without your mobile phone?
No computer

Open profile or Closed profile?
Closed profile

Which modern media interest you the most?
I think it has to be the internet. Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like without internet!

What is the biggest threat to online safety?
I think it is hackers. Hackers can leak out private documents for exampe from the goverment or other organizations.

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