María – Spain

Where are you from?

Why do you like being a national youth panelist?
As a national youth panelist I will have the opportunity to meet teenagers from other European countries, which will have really interesting opinions related to the internet. I am looking forward to get to know what they think about it and their ideas to improve safety online and assure privacy in social networks.

What is your favorite pastime activity?
During the week, I enjoy listening to music, playing piano and saxophone, reading and watching movies online. But during weekends I prefer hanging out with my friends and practicing sports such as tennis or cycling. I also love canoeing and skiing (when it is possible).

Twitter or Facebook?

What do you hope to get out of the Pan-EU Youth panel?
New friendships with people from other European countries, as well as more opinions about the internet and the satisfaction of helping other teenagers online.

A day without your computer or a day without your mobile phone?
No computer

Open profile or Closed profile?
Closed profile

Which modern media interest you the most?
I guess it is the internet as I sometimes need it to do my homework and I use it to listen to music, to search for information and to watch films. I am also extremely interested in social media.

What is the biggest threat to online safety?
The biggest threats are, in my opinion, adults that lie about their identity to get to meet minors, the lack of privacy and cyberbullying.

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