Alex – Luxembourg

Where are you from?

Why do you like being a national youth panelist?
I get the opportunity to meet people from many different countries of Europe and I have always been interested in the internet and the modern technologies.

What is your favorite pastime activity?
I do a lot of sports, mostly I play football or go to the gym.

Twitter or Facebook?

What do you hope to get out of the Pan-EU Youth panel?
I hope to make a lot of new contacts and have interesting discussions about modern media and how to avoid the dangers of the internet.

A day without your computer or a day without your mobile phone?
No computer

Open profile or Closed profile?
Closed profile

Which modern media interest you the most?
I am fascinated by networks like twitter and how fast information can be shared today and that everyone can participate on it. Other medias I use a lot are wikipedia wich can be espacially useful for students because you find everything you need about any topics and you don’t have to buy anymore expensive encyclopedias or dictionaries.

What is the biggest threat to online safety?
In my opinion it is the lack of knowledge of the users of the social networks. Most of people are not familiar with the privacy settings and show there personal information to every single user even if they would usually not share for example their address with a stranger. The consequence can be a birthday party with thousands of visitors or a burglary because you tell everyone when you go on holiday.

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