Pan-EU Youth Panel

Each year, every national Safer Internet Centre invites one of their national youth panelists to attend the Pan-European Youth Panel. Here, young people aged between 12 and 18 years are brought together to discuss current issues related to internet and modern media. As a participant in the Pan-EU Youth panel, you can get the opportunity to inform our Awareness Centres, industry representatives, policy makers and other interested parties how young people today are using digital media and to identify the risks, benefits and the issues around internet safety that matter to you and your friends the most.

The Pan-EU Youth Panel has a real audience and a real impact as it debates these issues on the international stage of the European Commission’s annual Safer Internet Forum. Members of the Pan-EU Youth Panel have the chance to address over 300 guests and experts and have the opportunity to say what they think about the issues that concern them with regards to internet safety.

We are currently preparing for the 2013 edition of the Pan-EU Youth Panel. Find out about previous editions as follows: