Youth Ambassadors

Meet out young ambassadors who were chosen to represent all national youth panels and the voice of the young generation today. Coming from different regions across Europe, they share their ideas on different issues related to modern media and digital lives through blogs and other sections of the Pan-EU Youth website, as well as through participation as Insafe youth representatives in international events.


My name is João Pedro. I was born in Madeira, an island in the Atlantic Ocean. One of my hobbies is Facebook but I’m not addicted and I know the limits I need to stay safe!

I´m fourteen years old and I’m involved in several projects, most of them connected to youth participation in debates about safety issues. Participating in these kinds of projects makes me feel that I am helping future young people solve their problems. Young people’s opinions are very important to me and I believe they should also be taken into account by politicians and companies.


My name is Iva from Varna, Bulgaria and I’m 18 years old. I am a peer educator in my country, and a member of a non-profit organisation in Varna, dealing with issues such as AIDS prevention, human trafficking and drugs. I was certificated as an online safety expert by the National Youth Panel of Bulgaria. Therefore, it could be concluded that I am totally devoted to helping young people to make wise decisions in their lives.

I like communicating with different people, thus I discover more information about the world around me. That’s why I volunteer for several organisations and I attend important meetings. I take part in international projects, too. Traveling is one of my hobbies. I love to meet new people and experience new cultures. I like singing too, although I don’t have any musical talent. I try to keep up a healthy way of life, and I am engaged in several sports such as cycling, fitness, walking and swimming.

I don’t believe that I can achieve my goals in my country, therefore I am striving for a prestigious university degree abroad. I want to pursue a career in international relations, because I would like to become a political ambassador.

I was interviewed in Paris earlier this year about my personal efforts to bring cultures closer together. Watch the interview.

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Sean is an Irish 18 year old. A member of the Irish Internet Safety Youth Panel, he has helped promote internet safety for children. Currently in his final year in Gonzaga College, he was on the fifth year’s Habitat for Humanity trip to Zambia in 2011, after raising a total of €90,000 between himself and the other 24 members of the trip. An avid fan of the Vlogbrothers on YouTube, he is currently involved in a few of the new start up projects within the community, including writing articles for the STG (online newsletter with over 13,00 followers), and he’s currently working on the release of DFTBA News. With a strong hand in debating he has competed in all of Ireland’s major debating competitions in both House and Mace forms, while playing social rugby and a selection of other sports. Sean has taken part, and won a prize in, the Irish Young Scientist exhibition for a project on the prediction of volcano eruptions.


I’m interested in IT trends, computer science and psychology. I am currently leading Teen IT (a personal project of mine) and some school projects, such as Student magazine. Teen IT is an internet IT magazine for teenagers, where they can learn, discuss, and be orientated in technology. My first IT project was our basketball team’s homepage.

I think the trend of technology is something that we can’t stop, so it’s really important to know about threads, issues and dangers. What I love about being a youth-ambassador is that I have the opportunity to talk about problems and to find solutions.

In a recent interview I shared my opinion on the role that the internet plays in facilitating dialogue and learning about different cultures. Watch the interview.

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Hello, my name is Tereza and I come from the Czech Republic from a small town called Třebíč. I’m a nineteen-year-old student at a grammar school and it’s my last school year. I am applying for university, where I really want to study medicine.

I’m interested in the issues of safer internet and online responsibility. With my friend Monika Vlachová, I prepared a peer preventative programme dedicated to cyberbullying. We have already informed more than 800 children in our region. We also run a website devoted to this topic, We are also trying to train our peers to do the same and to inform children.

My hobbies are film (I love Czech and French films), ice hockey (as a Czech national sport), and languages. I can speak Czech, English, French and German, and I have friends all over the world.

I’m really interested in the Pan-EU Youth Ambassadors project because I’m convinced that it’s an opportunity to encourage other people to think about safer internet issues, and to inspire them to do good.

As an ambassador of Pan-EU Youth, I constantly speak with young people from all over Europe. In an interview, which took place in Paris, I explain why this communication is essential to my own personal fulfilment. Watch the interviewView all my blogs


Hi, everybody! My name is Dilyana and I come from the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna. I am nineteen-years-old and I am a student in a Foreign Language High School. This year I am applying for university in Germany – major: politology.
Since 2009 I am a peer educator in Bulgaria and a member of a non-profit organization, dealing with problems such as AIDS prevention, human trafficking and drugs among young people. I was always interested in the Internet and the online community. In 2012 was chosen to represent the Youth Panel of Bulgaria at a forum of Safer Internet and earlier that year I was certificated as an Online Safety Expert by the National Youth Panel of Bulgaria.
I am absolutely dedicated to helping others in every way possible but especially young people. From personal experience I know that many teens get confused when it comes to issues such as cyber bulling or drug abuse. They need someone to talk with, who can help them make the best decision possible in a friendly and approachable way.
I believe that you can learn a lot about yourself and what you want to become by seeing different points of view and searching for new opportunities. However, giving a good example is the first step to reaching the goal.


Meet Ionna, one of our newest Pan EU Youth Ambassadors who provided her views on online content

My name is Ioanna and I am from Greece. I am in the second class in high school and I am interested in Human Sciences. I am, also a member of the Greek Youth Panel of and due to my active participation in the panel I was selected by the Greek Safer Internet Awareness Centre to represent my country at the Safer Internet Forum, in Brussels. Later, I became a Pan-Eu Youth ambassador in order to contribute in a safer internet.
I believe that young people in my age should be aware of the dangers that lurk around the internet and should know how to face them. So, I created a website within the school environment called ”To Dialeimma” (which means ”Break”, ) in order to help teenagers see different aspects of life, such us culture, history, health and internet safety. There are points of views of students, Ministry of Education and teachers. Now, ”To Dialeimma” has moved to the Greek School Network ( in order to restrict the flow of illegal online content.
This period, after my experiences in the conferences in Brussels, Paris and Greece, I prepare some projects concerning creative content, cyberbullying, safe web browsing and generally rights and responsibilities in the net.
Main goal: Awarness of youngsters :)


The first winner of the Youthe Achievements Competition shares his views regarding online rights & responsabilities. The theme of Safter Inter Day 2013.

Matthew is a 17 year-old from Dublin in Ireland. He is currently in his 5th and penultimate year in Blackrock College Secondary School.
He has a huge interest in matters relating to technology, especially those relating to the Internet and Social Media. Because of this, Matthew has been a member of the Irish Safer Internet Youth Advisory Panel (known as ‘Webwise’) for the last two years. Since then, He has attended a variety of events including SID 2012 and the Digital Youth Symposium. After originally being a Facebook addict, Matthew has become an avid Twitter user. In October 2012, he was chosen as the Irish representative to attend the Safer Internet Forum in Brussels.
Outside of the internet, Matthew is a keen rugby fan, following school, province and country. Blackrock College are a school known for rugby dominance in the province of Leinster, with over 66 cups since the competition began 120 years ago. He supports his local provincial team Leinster, and follows Ireland in their international campaigns. As well as a fan, he plays rugby socially with his school and continuing to pursue his interest in refereeing also.
Matthew also has a big interest in gaming. On both PC and Xbox 360, he plays games online with friends on a weekly basis such as the Call of Duty franchise. He also is a keen follower of YouTube, subscribing to channels covering a variety of topics including sport, gaming and educational purposes.
If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate in contacting:
Twitter: @itsMod123


TamannaMy name is Tamanna Agnihotri and I am 15 years old from Oslo, Norway. I work a youth adviser for the youth organization of Red Cross. I love communicating with different people and helping youths that have any kinds of problems. I also like to volunteer for political debates and several organizations.
My hobbies are music, dance and acting. I dance hip-hop and Indian classical dance, and I play an Indian instrument called sitar. I also love travelling and meeting new people. My family means a lot to me, so I love spending time with them! There are many possibilities in my country when it comes to safer internet and helping youths, and I want to help my country with that. I also want to encourage other youths to make good choices in their life.