The Web We Want

The internet ifront page handbooks a place where curiosity and creativity can thrive and where you develop a wide range of skills in a seemingly less threatening manner. Nevertheless it holds certain pitfalls for the unwary. As in all other aspects of life, education is essential to foster more reflective ways of using online media.

The Web We Want is an educational handbook for use by 13-16 year olds, developed with and by young people. The exercises aim to trigger reflection on the following issues:

  1. My rights and responsibilities online
  2. “Information is not knowledge”, Albert Einstein
  3. Participating on the web
  4. Shape your Identity
  5. Privacy, my most precious possession
  6. The artist in you

This handbook is not only designed to be used in the classroom, but can also serve as a useful resource for peer education. It is suitable for individual use also.
To download the handbook, click here.

A supplementary website,, will be created, offering information on the objectives of each exercise in the handbook, additional material on specific issues for a more in-depth discussion and the answers to some of the exercises in the handbook. The website will also serve as a platform for feedback from users of the handbook. You can post your comments and recommendations, and share positive experiences of working with the handbook or tips on how to complete certain exercises.

The website will also have a space where young people are encouraged to share their opinions and thoughts on the topics discussed in the handbook. They can post their responses to specific exercises, or have their voice heard by uploading a blog.

If you have any questions about the WebWeWant handbook or website or would like to receive hard copies of the booklet, please don’t hesitate to send a mail to: If requesting copies, please give your full postal address and the number of copies required.

The full website – – will go live during March 2013.
Please check back for further updates.