Competition Winners

Thank you all for participating!

Winner September 2012 – October 2012!

Congratulations Matthew (Ireland)!

Last year, when I was still 16, I took part in a charitable project known as the GOAL-Aidlink Project, funding charities under these names. It has risen 2.6 million euro in the last 20 odd years. I was the Head Administrator and overall leader of the project, which was a resounding success even with this tough economic climate. It was even online this year @ (though it says you can purchase, you actually can’t at the moment). I, more importantly, was also the ambassador in leading the charge for a trip to be made with the huge organisation GOAL to see where our donations have gone. It allowed me to win a Student Leadership award in my school, and be commended by GOAL and Aidlink alike.

Through this award, I was able to go to India for a week with GOAL and 5 schoolmates to see how the money has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of children that live on the streets of Calcutta. It was a truly life changing event that was documented by local papers and supported by local celebrities. I have helped this new trip become an annual event through intense persuasion and this will hopefully change the lives of others as much as it did mine.