‘Youth Achievements’ Competition

hacking, phishing, trolling, cyberbullying, spam, grooming, identity theft, bad online identity …

Often, when we read about current trends in the use of internet and modern media, we are shown the dangers we can encounter when discovering the online world, and taught how we can protect ourselves from them. True, it is important to protect ourselves, but this doesn’t mean that we should lose track of all the good things the internet has to offer us as well!

With our Youth Achievements Competition we want to provide young people with the opportunity to share achievements that they have accomplished through using modern media and the internet.

Are you aged 18 or under? Have you created a successful application, started your own online business, written a peer education blog,…? If so then, please tell us your story and help us motivate young people today both to be creative and to grasp the many opportunities offered by the internet.

Share your stories!

How can you take part? Write down your experiences and send them to paneuyouth@eun.org. Feel free to send us your story written in your own language! We will then translate it for you and publish it on our website. At the end of every two months the jury will select a winning entry, whose story will be given increased visibility among the Insafe network and their partners – and the winner will receive an iPod Shuffle.*

Need some inspiration?

Martha Payne
How about the story of nine-year-old Martha Payne? She started to write her blog NeverSeconds about her school lunches, informing the outside world about the measly portions and questionable nutritional value of the meals. Very soon, her blog received global attention and she has managed to raise over £100,000 for Mary’s Meals, a charity that runs school feeding projects in communities around the world.

Read Martha’s blog at http://neverseconds.blogspot.be/

A radio station dedicated to teenagers
A secondary school in the south of France has been broadcasting a student radio show since 1996. ‘Radio Mix’ features both music and talk shows. Primarily targeted at 15 to 24 year olds, it also reaches their parents and the education community. Young journalists produce their own talk shows, interviews, opinion pieces, and extracurricular coverage of local and national issues. Starting from the new school year, the young radio journalists will also start sharing their point of view on online safety issues, and one of the young journalists will even attend the Safer Internet Forum in Brussels, later this year.

Check out the radio station’s website at www.radio-mix.com.

Pan-EU Youth reserves the right to refrain from publishing a blog entry if in any way it conflicts with Belgian and/or European legislation, or contains any harmful content.