SIF2014 debates – Day 1

noelia_yaWhat does online reputation mean to you?

“Firstly, we were introduced to a simple idea: an idea which conveyed different meanings but was open for us, youth, to interpret freely. The idea was quite straightforward: what does online reputation mean to you?

It was quite provoking that one of our group replied that we own our online reputation even before we’re born. This statement resulted in much debate especially after hearing about some true cases, including the case of a mother who published a photo of her naked four-year-old child.

Youth felt very strongly about having their personal photos made available online without giving their permission. Many felt that if they had been in that toddler’s position, they would feel embarrassed and upset. The discussion highlighted the whole idea of permanency on the internet and how embarrassing photos can never really be deleted.

Once images are posted, they are out there. Shouldn’t we have the right to decide who we want to be online as much as offline? Shouldn’t we decide if we want a naked picture of ourselves published online for everyone to see? Shouldn’t we have the option to decide whether or not we want to be in the digital world? I think we should.”

Noelia, Spain

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