Rights & responsabilities: Quality content

Everyone at some time or another will seek information on something that may interest them. As we are searching in the net we come across different sites which are of uncertain origin and safety and as a result to doubt whatever is written and to be uncertain of its authenticity. This may result in delaying us or preventing us from completing our research.

Other times we may come across some distracting and harmful material which may offend human nature and intelligence or may project lucky games with the aim of extracting money from unaware users.

Games which also exist in illegal sites may cause psychological distraction and confusion and also damage our computer hardware. This in return may also cost us to repairing the problem.

It is valuable to find quality content on the net, relevant to our research, without the interference of spams and the fear of our hardware being in danger.

This sort of thing should not hinder our research and we should persevere in completing it. It is therefore necessary to remain unaffected by such negative content which is projected on our screen. On the contrary, we should be obligated to report the negative quality and its authenticity so that it is investigated, corrected or deleted.

It is worth noting that the electronic encyclopedia was applied as a useful tool. Authentic and reliable sources are accompanied by a sign on the screen. This is one way of improving the content of the internet. Another way could be the use of a ‘’report button’’ on the edge of the page.
e.g http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Featured_articles , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus

Users on the internet not only have privileges but also obligations, which they should not forget and abide by the rules.

Regarding under aged users who surf on the internet, it would be a lot safer if there were restrictions to having access to unsuitable content as they cannot filter it as adults do. An average under aged youngster hasn’t got the required maturity to handle the different information, pictures, videos without risking the danger of misinterpreting the basics and even risking to defame information.

It is therefore necessary for everyone, not only youngsters, to choose and judge the contents and the site which they choose to surf in suitable for their age.

In relation to the above, it is also useful to be aware of civil rights, rules and regulations and civil confidentiality of a site or a computer program.

Therefore every user has the right to find quality material on the internet but also the obligation to post or upload quality content. However, without personal and collective effort this has not many chances of succeeding.

By Ioanna Karkani

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