Privacy and data protection

Privacy and data protection are very hot topics in our current society. Even when we maintain the most private and secured privacy settings on our accounts, it still feels like people are loosing power over the information they put online. Moreover, whatever we do only, someone may be tracing our steps and using this information for their own benefit. Is anything still private in this worlds without secrets?  Should we hold on to our quest for privacy, or is this an unavoidable evolution?

You discuss!

In case you might need a bit of a push, you will find below a few questions that should point the discussion in the right direction:

  • Is privacy still possible?
  • Do people actually know how to protect their privacy?
  • Is a public profile always a bad thing?
  • “You don’t have to fear if you have nothing to hide!” Do you agree?
  • Do we have “a right to be forgotten?

Now back to you: download the role play in English! It’s your turn to Speak up! Express your ideas! Vote!

Let us know how your discussion went and send us your results. We will post them on our blog!

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