Young people in the media

Ever wondered how today’s media and advertising trends might influence your relationship with privacy? Well, we’re wondering! This is why we chose the “portrayal of young people in the media” as kick-off theme for this series of online youth rendezvous and our first PlayDecide role play.

Now, just in case you might find it hard to get started, here are a few leads that should inspire you:

  • Can you recognise yourself in the way young people are portrayed in the media and in advertising?
  • What media channels/sources do you feel closest to?
  • Do you think that the prominence of sexual and violent images in today’s media have an influence on how you handle sex, violence and emotions in general in your life? Or do you just choose to ignore these messages?
  • How well do you think adults understand privacy based on all you see and hear in the media (TV, internet, radio, etc.)?
  • Do you see privacy more as a right or as a responsibility? How important an issue is it to you?
  • Do you think that parents tend to dramatise the importance of online risks to privacy or are these risks real?

Now back to you: download the role play below in English, German and French! It’s your turn to Speak up! Express your ideas! Vote!

PlayDecide Role Play 1 EN
PlayDecide Role Play 1 DE
PlayDecide Role Play 1 FR 

Let us know how your discussion went and send us your results. We will post them on our blog!

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