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The journey continues! After collecting your thoughts on how you are portrayed in the media and how that might influence you in our first PayDecide role play, we would now like to dive with you into the digital world!

Young people are often referred to as the “grown up digital” generation, a generation of internet wizards and digital device crackerjacks. Do you consider yourself as such? Does the internet belong to your life in just the same natural way as school and family time do?

As with our previous theme, you will find below a few prompts to help get you started:

    • What does/do your digital life/lives look like? Is it/Are they vibrant, active or rather quiet? Are you happy with your digital reputation?
    • What is your favourite way of spending time online? Instant messaging? Gaming? Social networking? Watching ads or films?
    • Have you met through the internet people from other countries and cultures that you would not have met otherwise?
    • Are there things that you learn online that you would not be able to learn in real life?
    • Do you have an avatar? Does it resemble you? Why (not)?
    • Would your life be just as rich and interesting if the internet disappeared tomorrow, and would it be as much fun?

Now back to you: download the role play below in English, German and French! It’s your turn to Speak up! Express your ideas! Vote!

PlayDecide Role Play 2 EN
PlayDecide Role Play 2 DE
PlayDecide Role Play 2 FR 

Let us know how your discussion went and send us your results. We will post them on our blog!

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