#InternationalYouthDay: what youth needs for a better internet

noelia_yaIn celebration of the International Youth Day, our Youth Ambassador, Noelia, told us her thoughts on what youth needs for a better internet:

“Without a doubt we need both parents and youth support to create a better internet: one that we can all feel safe in and trust. We need adults because they are definitely wiser than we are, and have an amount of experience we haven’t had time to obtain yet but I guess that’s the magic of it all: combining both our strengths towards a common goal. Read more..

Happy #InternationalYouthDay

SIF2013Today we celebrate how young people can make a difference in the future of the internet. We also would like to thank our Youth Ambassadors and Youth Panellists for helping us understand what is the web you(th) wants and reach other young people interested in online issues.


Joao2014Our Youth Ambassador, João, wrote to us: “If youth uses the internet, it’s also up to us to promote a better internet. If we can raise the questions, and adults provide their support and expertise, this task gets easier. The Youth Manifesto, by allowing young people to have a voice in the outline of tomorrow’s internet, is trying to achieve just that”. Read more… 

#youthmanifesto: parental responsibility

MatthewpaneuyouthOne of the statements put forward for the Youth Manifesto is ‘Parental responsibility: We want our parents to communicate with us and understand our online experiences, creating mutual trust and confidence.’ Here, one of our youth ambassadors, Matthew, shares his views:

‘Our parents play a crucial role in our development as youths, and never has it been more crucial than in the modern era. But what I’ve found is that some parents lack confidence when dealing with issues online that are common today.’ Read more…