#yepdebate: Join us at Safer Internet Day

On 11 February 2014, we will be celebrating Safer Internet Day. The theme for this year is “Let’s create a better internet together!” All of us (children and young people, parents and carers, teachers and educators, industry and politicians) are responsible to ensure a better internet.

How can you make a difference?

  • Join the Safer Internet Day Facebook and Twitter (#SID2014) pages.
  • Spread the word among your friends.
  • Join us on Thunderclap.

Consult www.saferinternetday.org and see the Safer Internet Day plans in your country!

#yepdebate: Merry Christmas

Have an eSafety Merry Christmas 

Are you already in holiday mode,
Next to your Christmas tree?
Wishing for a new smartphone,
A PlayStation or a Wii?

Maybe you are talking online with your friends
And sharing information through Bluetooth
If you are interested in tech and eSafety
Consider joining Pan-EU Youth!

Christmas day is fast approaching,
But there is still time to reflect
How important it is to be safe online
And to connect with respect!

Don’t spend too much time on the computer
Share the season with the ones you love most,
But when online be careful
And think before you post!

Also you have the right to be respected
If you are not sure what we are talking about,
When someone bullies you or sends you spam
It is time to Report Now!

But enough of Christmas advices,
We know you are sensible and clever.
So be creative and foster positive online content
And let’s create a better internet together!


#yepdebate: Christmas wish

Hi all! Are you ready for the last #yepdebate of the year? We ask:

As you know Safer Internet Day is on 11 February 2014. During the day, there will be many activities across the world to raise awareness of the dangers and showcase the opportunities of the online world. Find out which activities will take place in your country.

So let us know what would be a great Christmas gift for a better internet. Check out below our wish and of other organisations:

Share your thoughts with us! Comment here, Facebook and/or Twitter (#yepdebate).

We will be back on 7 January to hear your opinion on online issues!

Vote for the Best Content for Kids European Award competition!

The Best Content for Kids European Award was a competition promoting positive content online for very young users (4-12 years old).

Now the competition is finished and the national winners were selected. However, your contribution is still needed! So, vote for your favourite entries! It is very easy to do so, and does not take so much time. Help us make sure we are contributing for a better internet together.

How can I vote? 

Go to the competition’s website at: http://www.bestcontentaward.eu/

Access the ‘Winners’ section, where you can see the national winners for each category:

Winners Bestcon

Now you just need to click on each entry’s image so you can see it. Then you are set for rating!


See? It could not be easier. So, what are you waiting for? You are a click away to make sure young users have great content.

Any question?

Contact us at positivecontentaward@eun.org

**Note** It is possible to vote from one IP address multiple times. We have chosen not to limit the possibilities to vote so users at schools, libraries and other public places – can vote and to reach out to as many users as possible.

#yepdebate: Teaching adults

Hey, everyone! This week we ask:

João Pedro, Portugal Our Youth Ambassador, João, told us: “My generation was born in the digital era. We spend many hours online, and adults don’t always understand and know what we do. That is why it is so important to connect and bring together both the youngsters and the older generations.” Read more…

Show your parents the “Digital Universe of our Children” video which answers some of the questions they might have about your online behaviour:

So you have anything to add? Share your thoughts with us! Comment here, Facebook and/or Twitter (#yepdebate).