Slovakian candidates for the Romanian Summer School

“When my mother announced me that there is an upcoming summer camp about secure web browsing and things connected with that I said that it would be great to attend it.

I think that it would be great if I was successful and you would accept my request to be part of the participants. My qualities are (as you can see) my English skills and that I have no problem to speak to anybody,about anything. I also want to learn new things and facts about internet browsing and also want to know what kind of dangerous things there are on internet. I also think that it is a great option and a great idea to participate because of the experience and I can meet new people. You never know who and when is you will be given important information which can change your life .

I simply like new experiences and adventure,that is why I went to New York last year just by myself, without anybody… It is the best way to travel and to learn new things because you are not influenced by anybody and you can make your thing on your own :)  In addition,  I have never been to Romania and this is a great possibility to do so. Also, my good friend Marek wants to go with me (or me with him because he is a year older than me) and I think that it is also important for him because we spend a lot of time online, like everybody in this world who is not 80 years old :) ”

Gabriel Kopček

“When my classmate Gabriel told me that there is an upcoming summer camp about secure web browsing I was excited and I wanted to know more about it and try to attend it.
Web browsing is a thing that us, young people, do every day so we should know more about it.

It seems like an interesting experience to me to meet new people and discuss the topic.
My qualities are good speaking skills thanks to my bilingual high school which I am studying at.

I speak English on a daily basis so its not a problem for me to fit in a group of new people and learn or talk about new ideas. I am also a friendly, open-minded person. I like to solve problems and discuss things or different opinions. I like travelling but I haven‘t been to Romania yet so it seems to me like a great experience to go there and have a good time with the people involved in the project.”

Marek Prieložný




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