Hungarian candidates for the Romanian Summer School

Dorina Bodi

I want to say thank for this opportunity, because I would really want to go to this camp.
I like travelling very much, I have never been to Romania but I always wanted to go there. I also wanted to go there, because I want to meet new people, make new friends from other countries, who have a lot in common with me and I also want to practise the languages, I learn.

I have seen the video from last year and I really fancied the programs. I love singing and when I saw that part, I would have joined them. I like being on stage, that is why I want to show projects to other people, who I work with and I want to try myself also in this situation.

It would be useful, if I could learn more about how to use my computer safely. One week ago our computer got a virus in form of antivirus and I did not know what I have to do with it. For now it disappeared, but I still do not know what happened. I have extra computer science classes at school and I have just started to learn programming.

Of course I use the internet, I would share my experiences with the others about how I use it and I want to find out how I could use it more safely. I am interested in privacy, because I think that is very important in our Internet-life, for example in Facebook keeping safe our information. For me, project-writing is also interesting. I have heard a lot about addiction; nowadays are suffering unfortunately lots of people in it.

In summary, I think today the children are growing up in a world with internet and mobile devices, and if they learn use it well it is very useful to them.
So I would be very happy if I could join to this camp.

Dorina Bögre

I have got the chance to apply for your camp which is about safety and conscious internet using. This is an important area in our – teenagers’ lives. Learning how to use the computer and the World Wide Web is one thing, but it is substantial to recognise the dangerous side of them. I don’t know about them a lot, this is why I would like to join this camp, this community. We can hear about a lot of problems in connection with the internet. Identity theft, illegal trades, rude gossips, oral bullying and discrimination. This technology has become the part of our lives, so we could be victims anytime.

I am a Hungarian student, this is my final year. I am 19 years old. I passed my final exams including the IT exam, with great results. I have an advanced language exam, but my opinion is that I don’t know enough and I have to learn more and more. I like adventures and challenges!

I’m sure that the trip will be amazing, and a new experience for everyone. This is a great opportunity to meet people, make friends from another county, and mostly use the English language, which is more and more important in this world. It will be a good beginning for children or teenagers, who don’t really have visualizations about their future.

I love travelling, but Romania is one of those countries (there are a lot unfortunately) where I have never been. I am interested in its culture and people, because there are a lot of connection between Romanians, and us, Hungarians. We have common past and still we could have a common future. It is significant to be in communication with our neighbours, we have to support each other.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Dani (Daniel) Kisfaludi

I was asked to explain why I would be more than happy to be with other guys from other countries to spend some days speaking on and playing around internet safety.

I am 14 and I will attend the secondary school specialised on informatics from this September.

I live in Veresegyház with my mother and my younger brother. I have lots of friends in real life there as well as on internet. Just on Facebook,  I got more than 700! Beside my other favourite hobby, dacing in the local dance sportclub, Sway, I am playing a lot on game servers in several groups using Facebook, IMs, where I am an admintrator and one of the owners. I just wrote my first scripts few days ago.

Last summer, I spent some weeks with my dad and he asked me to help him in the Safer Internet Programme, (he is a volunteer teacher) so we travelled to Budafok, where internet safety lectures were held in a summer camp. I helped my dad to set up the system  get the place organised, and I operated the computer with the slides and the videoclips. There were around 120 kids in four groups so we did four lessons.While I was listening to the lectures,  I saw that  I had never thougt about these safety things just like the others around me there, so I told my dad that I would come again next year to help.

Although this was all about how not to get deceived, I got cheated 7 months later when I paid for a server service that had never been provided and I lost 20,000 forints (two years of my savings), so it was a hard lesson.

This year, I will go with my dad again as he was invited again just because it was fun and maybe I can speak there at this time, not just operate the devices.So I believe, I can learn a lot from the others there but I also have quite some experience to say what others do on the internet and what they can do about safety.

And, I hope it would be a lot of fun, as well, since it is my holiday! I hope this can convince you that I should be there.






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