Mikkel blogs about his life to help young people like himself

Short-listed candidate for the Youth Achievement Competition

”By sharing experiences and life stories with others the Internet can be used to help children and young people”, says Mikkel who is an active blogger at Cyberhus.dk. He helps young people who find life difficult by writing about his experiences and he is certain that the Internet is an important tool, which can make changes for a lot of people because it enables everybody to share their stories with others fast and easy. He writes his own blog posts, which the readers can comment on and ask questions about.

It is very important to Mikkel that he reaches out to a lot of people and that they find his blog posts interesting. He really wants to help and support others as much as he can and he feels that by being a youth blogger he is able to support those who might be in a similar situation as he has previously been or who are dealing with the same kinds of problems that he has. ”It is a good thing to reach out to a lot of people by blogging. By doing that they know that there are others who are dealing with the same problems and that they are not alone”.

Cyberhus.dk is a place where youth can share thoughts and problems with other peers and with adults, and fortunately there are a lot of young people, like Mikkel, who want to help other teens and children and who use the Internet to make changes. Everybody between the age of 9 and 23 can become a youth blogger at Cyberhus.dk. A lot of Cyberhus.dk’s users also support and help each other by sharing thoughts and feelings on the website feature ”Livshistorier” (Life stories), by entering online group chats and by creating or participating in debates. Other than using his blog Mikkel also likes to use Facebook as a platform to share his thoughts and feelings with people he knows he can trust.

In general, it is very important that we help each other and Mikkel is positive that he and other children can make a difference by sharing, commenting and asking about other people’s experiences – as long as it is done in a nice tone. ”It is possible to make a huge difference on the Internet by making sure that online group chat is available, like you guys do at Cyberhus. In that way youth are able to talk to each other and share their problems with people of the same age while being anonymous”.



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