Connect with Respect – online rights and responsibilities

“Because being online is about rights and responsibilities”

I grew up in a community where people never stand up for their rights. They just become reconciled with the situation or just deal with it. Moreover, people don’t discharge their duties to the others around them. It’s petty, right? Because they teach their children to be just as weak-willed and irresponsible as they are. But the big difference between the adults and us is that the young generation lives in a whole new world – the Online World.

Our generation grew up with the Internet. It became a part of our hobbies, interests and life. That’s why we lost the line between the real world and the online world. Actually they are pretty similar, don’t you think so?

“You must take the dog for a walk!”, “You must wash the dishes!” – responsibilities, we all are familiar with… But in the same way we have the right to go to college, make friends, and search for happiness.

Likewise, the Internet world gives us the opportunity to get in touch with different people all over the world but in the same time, there are some responsibilities we must have in mind.

Firstly, we all must respect other people online. It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. They are part of the online community and deserve appreciation. Something, we always forget about is helping others. There are so many organizations and websites dedicated to helping people in need and if you land a helping hand, you will realize how good it feels to be helpful. You know what Justin Timberlake says: “What goes around comes back around”. Last but not least, rules are there to be followed. It’s a fact that many young people get in trouble just because they think they can get away with it. Moreover, they don’t realize how their actions reflect other people and how crucial the consequences might be.

Furthermore, in the Internet everybody is equal!!! Thus, we all have the same online rights. For instance, you have the right to access freely the Internet, to control your privacy, and most of all to SHARE YOUR OPINION. We all should be able to express ourselves online and to find where we belong. Don’t let anybody tell you something else and bring you down!

It’s claimed that what you see you become and as a matter of fact it is so. Unfortunately, ruled by apathy we forgot to care, we forgot to LOVE each other. That’s why I think that the new generation must break the vicious circle of online hate. To improve OUR Online World is my main goal! Who’s on board with me.

By Dilyana Stoyanova

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