Blogging: Design vs. Content


When I started thinking about launching my blog, the most difficult thing was to decide what was more important- Is it the quality of content I post on the web or is it the main theme of the blog and the originality of articles?

A year ago, a friend of mine wanted to start a cooking blog. At that time I said to her: “You know there are loads of cooking blogs, why don’t you think about something more original.’’ And she really loves cooking and is very good at cooking.

I thought that if she doesn’t have an awesome, very attractive Idea, It will be very difficult for her to find readers, because the competition is fierce. And although she didn’t launch the blog, I am quite sure that if she did he could be successful.

I still think that good original ideas are very important in blogging, that appealing design for the website is great, but I believe that good written content is a lot more important. Imagine that you launch a blog about the most trending topic in your country, you have a beautiful design for the page, but still if your articles are not interesting for the readers your blog won’t be successful.

So if there are many blogs writing about the same topic, you can always be better, if you carry on writing and writing. And one last tip: the best thing is if you can keep these two powers (power of content and power of ideas and design) in balance.

What do you think? #yepdebate


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