Game on! But keep in mind a few tips

  • gamingDon’t neglect your friends, social activities and homework, and keep your gaming time under control.
  • Protect your privacy, and take care with your personal information.
Keep an eye out for game ratings: they tell you more about the content of the game and the appropriate age to play it.
Bad or inappropriate behaviour or content is never OK. Imagine if your younger brother or sister came into contact with the content? Block the harasser’s access and report to the game provider and your parents.

Find out more at the Insafe website and stay safe online!

Do not hesitate to ask for help

Bulgarian Helpline Mobile AppWhen you are feeling troubled or confused by something you have come across on the internet, when someone is bullying you online or via your mobile device or when you (think you) are in trouble, you should never suffer in silence. Talk about your problems with an adult you trust. If you feel comfortable doing so, you could confide in someone close to you, for example, your parents, a relative, a teacher or a youth leader.

However, if you prefer to have a conversation with someone more independent you can always contact your national helpline. If you are troubled by something you come across that you think is illegal, contact a hotline.


Safer Internet Day was a huge success!

Safer Internet Day was celebrated across 107 countries across the world. Under the theme, “Let’s create a better internet together”, children and young people, parents and carers, industry, institutions and policy makers were invited to contribute to foster the positive and eliminate the negative online.

Social media was a very important part of this with many original initiatives marking the day, including police puppies:

Internet giants such as Microsoft, Google and Twitter.

And have a flavour of what happened across the world:






Find out what happened across the world at:

#yepdebate: final countdown for Safer Internet Day

Hi! We are two weeks from Safer Internet Day!

This year, Safer Internet Day is all about celebrating the positive things that can come from the internet. Last year, we had the priviledge to meet an extraordinary youngpeople through the SID 2013 Youth Achievement Competition.

Prompt-me-NinaThe competition winners included a 14-year-old app developer. Winners continue to work with us helping to ensure that the voice of youth is heard in the ‘better internet’ agenda.



What else can you do?

#yepdebate: support Safer Internet Day

Hi all,

Final countdown for Safer Internet Day! We ask for your help with a concrete action to disseminate Safer Internet Day.

Support Safer internet Day on Thunderclap

This tool allows for a single, coordinated message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of social networks. Please sign up to the SID 2014 Thunderclap campaign and support us in this action.


What else can you do?

  • Join the Safer Internet Day Facebook and Twitter (#SID2014) pages.
  • Spread the word among your friends.

Consult and see the Safer Internet Day plans in your country!