New Instagram account launches for Youth Manifesto & Pan-EU Youth

Pan EU Youth, in conjunction with Youth Manifesto, has just launched a new Instagram account to promote the Youth Manifesto principles. The goal of this account is to bring together the voices of youth from all over Europe. Youth will have the chance to have their voices heard by policymakers and industry on what they think a safer and better internet should look like. This started originally with the Youth Manifesto principles. These principles outline exactly what the youth in Europe want to see happen on the internet.

In the coming weeks, youth from all over Europe will be submitting videos outlining particular Youth Manifesto principles. These videos will be posted to the new Instagram account to raise awareness, not only to policy makers and industry, but other youth as well.

For more information on the Youth Manifesto principles, click here.
To view and FOLLOW the Instagram account visit

Youth: you have the chance to have your voice heard! Let us know what you want to see happen in the world of online safety.

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