#SIF2014 impressions from youth participants

noelia_ya‘Shouldn’t we have the right to decide who we want to be online as much as offline? Shouldn’t we decide if we want a naked picture of ourselves published online for everyone to see? Shouldn’t we have the option to decide whether or not we want to be in the digital world? I think we should.’ Read more…

Noelia, Spain

Riikka, Finland“At the Future Classroom Lab at European Schoolnet,  technology was found at its best. We got to use the new technology to collect our ideas discussed about in groups about apps, ads and positive content. Finally we shared our ideas with the others.”

Riika from Finland


Odetta, Lithuania“In the beginning, I was little afraid of the meeting and did not dare to communicate with other. After a while, I started to really think about the topic of internet safety. Young people from different countries wanted to communicate with me, they asked about sign language, asked about me and how I feel. I showed them the Spread the Sign (www.spreadthesign.com) website where you can write a word and watch the video to say the word in sign language.”

Odetta from Lithuania


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