Youth online rights

“When it comes to our rights online, I do of course think many of them are important. But I think freedom of expression and the right to information access are extremely important. I think all youth should be able to speak their mind and have an opinion. I also think the world, including the terrible parts of it, shouldn’t be hidden from us. Even though adults do it meaning well, when they maybe set up filters to protect us, I don’t think it’s the right solution.

“We should be able to explore the world and then make mistakes and learn from them. I believe in helping instead of controlling because, of course, our parents should not just leave us alone on the internet but they should help us and be there for us – just like they are in our offline lives. They should be with us on the internet from when we are small and teach us how to behave so that we, both when we are still young and when we get older, can use all the positive thing about the internet and experience the many opportunities the internet gives us, without having too many problems. I believe the internet is an amazing place and we should be able to enjoy and explore it without a constant fear or bad experiences. This includes young children too!”

Olivia, 15, Finland

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