What have we sacrificed because of the internet? – Iva (BG)

Most people can’t survive even one day without the internet. Our modern society is dependent on the web, which is a direct consequence of the evolution and development of our world. Every day we go online without realizing what impact the internet has both on us and our whole existence. The internet is something great and unique, but we have to ask ourselves what we have sacrificed in the name of this privilege.

Personal areas
This is something that all Internet users are probably clear about, especially if they have active profiles on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Today, we rely heavily on online networks to give us information, entertainment, products, etc. This dependence means that we must reveal more personal information about ourselves (contact details, credit card numbers, etc.). Even if you have nothing to do with these social networking sites, your photos and other information can easily end up on Facebook, but how? The answer is simple, as long as you have friends who are active on these sites, they can always share something about you that is accessible to the whole world. You were at a party last night and your photo has been uploaded to someone’s profile? Or perhaps you signed up for newsletters, online shopping etc. Who said that all these companies keep your data confidential?

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Five websites which help you to generate strong passwords – Iva (BG)

Nowadays we feel a greater need to have strong passwords in order to feel safe online. Every day we are attacked by viruses, spam and hackers, who try to access our emails, passwords for social networks, or online banking. The consequences of cracking a password can be negative for consumers, which is why we have to take safety measures against this type of internet abuse. The first step is to create a strong password, not just an accidental combination between numbers and letters – it has to have sense. In addition there are some websites that can help you by generating strong passwords:

1. Make Password

Make Password is a website which can help you to create strong passwords by registering important profiles. The passwords, which are created by Make Passwords, are neither stored nor made by accident. You can choose to use small or big letters, special symbols or everything together. You can also decide on the length of the password. When you have chosen all the options, you have to click on make password and your password can be seen on the screen.

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