Romanian Summer School – Day 5

So we started another day with a cup of coffee (nothing can start a day like a good coffee!). But even before that, we head upstairs to check out our envelopes in case there´s a new present from our ‘Secret Friend’.* The same routine from the other days was repeated – which basically means that we had a session. In today´s session the participants exchanged their experiences considering the Youth Panels from different countries. Actually, we compared them and then voiced our opinions on what feature we think is ‘good’ and so on. For me, a person who actually didn’t know much about it because I´m a newbie, it was really helpful.

After this first session we had to make a video. The video which was not allowed to be longer than three minutes, and had to show our opinions and advice on the Youth Panels. At the end, all videos were put together to create one funny, long video about Youth Panels. We still haven’t seen the final version, but we’re looking forward to seeing it tomorrow!

When we finished this ‘serious’ session, it was time for some action. After lunch we went into the forest for some really cool activities. The team of EcoXtrem organised Pendulum (it is like an oversized swing) and archery (all of us tried to become Robin Hood). But only one of us actually managed to hit the small yellow dot.

In the evening they organized a crazy hat and funny t-shirt party. We were all supposed to make crazy hats and t-shirts. Of course we wore them that night. The craziest and funniest creations got rewarded.

As you can see, the day’s most important words were teamwork, fun, adrenaline, solutions and international context.

* Secret friend is a concept where each person is assigned a friend at the beginning of the week, and they have to give them anonymous gifts on each day. The gifts are left in envelopes on a board and are supposed to be little trinkets that the person creates themselves, or could for example be sweets. On the last night, the ‘secret’ friends are all revealed during a ceremony.

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