Romanian Summer School – Day 6

(Danut) Ok; so another day, another post and another series of events. However, this day is a very sad day. This is the last day of our adventure. The whole week has passed so fast. We made so many friends during this week that now we are all so sad when somebody leaves. We are all with tears in our eyes but we are going to keep in touch.  And to make it worse the workshops were all about the last days. The internet addiction workshop was full of new knowledge and opinions even if all of us were so tired. I’m so sad. I can’t even think about the workshop without tears, but life goes on. I can’t wait for the party and I’m sure that we are all going to stay up late.

This whole week was just like a cup of water for a plant. You can hear the sound of the water going in the ground. And as soon as it is there, the plant starts growing. All the participants in this Summer School had the same feeling. We have learned a lot of new things about internet addiction, blogging, viruses, project writing, and the most important thing was the fact that we can be safe while we surf on the internet. Every year we learn something new from each other and from the guests that are invited.

As you can guess, the last day is the most exciting from different points of view: one is because it’s the last day and we got used to each other by creating new relationships. The second point of view, and the optimistic one, is that we get to find out which project was the best and what will happen next year. This year we were glad to find out that we will get the chance to create an international platform for youth workers in order to exchange educational, cultural, but most importantly IT knowledge. Another week has passed, and our interest in this field has grown. A million thanks to the organisers for doing a great job once again!!

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