Romanian Summer School – Day 4

In the first part of the day we went to a famous horse stables in Sambata de Jos, where the top jockey team gave us a little show. After that we went to the traditional museum ‘Astra Park’, which is the second biggest in Europe. The most exciting part was when we arrived in Sibiu and made an Urban challenge. We were split into five groups. Each group got their 14 ‘missions’ that they had to complete in two an a half hours. To finish the ‘missions’ the groups had to walk around the city, where they had to find the ‘mission places’ to answer questions and take photos (to prove they were actually there). We found out that the most important part is teamwork, because we wouldn’t have been able to do this alone.

The evening started with the opening of the treasure. It was locked: however, each team was given a key. Inside we found medals for everyone who participated in the challenge. After this the evening really got going with a karaoke party. We sang lots of songs and not just English ones, but also songs from Slovakia, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria and Romania. For the close of the day we all sang and danced the famous song YMCA wich was fun.

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