Romanian Summer School – Day 3

(Miks )Today, we worked in groups with Kaspersky Lab and it was really fun. We had to answer some questions on internet safety and viruses. I was so active, that I actually won a prize from Kaspersky – it was a laptop bag! It was really fun and I really liked the session. We also talked about blogging and stuff like that, which was very helpful and interesting. Later we were presented with some challenges: they weren’t really difficult, but still you had to brainstorm to get the right answer. So far, every day has been awesome and I hope it will continue to be.

(Daniel) Okay so I’m going to try to not talk too much (as I usually do) because I don’t want to bore you, the reader, so I’m going to keep this short!

So today after a very fast breakfast we went to our meeting with the guys from Kaspersky. Awesome! So here comes this guy all cheered up trying to wake up all of us because we were so tired from last night, and he started the presentation. After a few slides with cats that were talking in bubbles, came the real deal. The discussion was intense and full of new knowledge. So after a few minutes we were split into groups to try and discuss and find solutions for the problems that are encountered nowadays. After a few minutes of hard debating, arguing and talking we decided that the future will only be beautiful if education becomes an important topic for both countries and their governments.

After a ceremony, and a game of pool with my new friends, the volunteers learnt about blogging and how to write an article. Like the training with the Kaspersky staff, the blogging training was also challenging. The brainstorming was quite successful because we came up with some really good ideas and problems. So that was the day, now I have to go as there’s a bee flying around me and I don’t want to get stung. Time to go film the evening session: 50 people, 1 question and the wonderful guys that I admire from Kaspersky. Sorry for the long post but I like to share a lot!

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