A day at the Safer Internet Forum 2011, a youth panellist reports – Ľuboš (SK)

During the Safer Internet Forum 2011 in Luxembourg, youth panellists from all over Europe had a chance to meet up and speak up before the European Commission. While in Luxembourg, they attended various workshops and activities, and had a lot of fun. What follows is an account of Wednesday’s activities, the Diary entry of Ľuboš Perniš, a 13 Year old Youth Panelist from Slovakia.

“It was the second day of activities and discussion in Luxembourg and I really enjoyed the activities we did.

Copyright on the internet

Today’s theme was possibly the most interesting one for me. Copyright on the internet is about not stealing other people’s work. I don’t download illegally, and I certainly would not advise anyone to do so, but big parts of industry are still not compatible with today’s online life, and they need to come up with more internet-friendly offers I think. As long as they are still living in the 20th century, they will lose money.

Walking lunch activity

After a morning of talks, we went for a special walk in the city. We were divided into four groups and got GPS tracking device. Each group had to visit some checkpoints to get to the lunch place.

SIF 2011 - walking lunch

Later, we split up in groups and had a Tug of War contest. The people on the muddy side lost almost all the time…

Tug of war


Afterwards we spoke about hacking and how to be secure. The evening activities revolved around both some discussion and group work. I think it’s very important to follow very basic but important attributes of online working, like a strong password, a good browser…


Tomorrow is maybe one of most interesting and important days here. It will start the forum and there will be space for open discussion. We will have a presentation space in a parallel session and now I’m just preparing for it. I will be one of the two speakers and I’m preparing the powerpoint presentation.”

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